Laboratory Association of New Hampshire Mission Statement

Providing professional development through educational opportunities, seminars and the distribution of information to its members

Creating a platform for communication among laboratories, regulatory agencies, professional organizations and related businesses

Encouraging quality, accuracy and ethical practices from its members

Protecting the interests of the environmental laboratory community while still working together with regulatory agencies to achieve a common goal.

A message from Governor Chris Sununu regarding Laboratory Professionals Week April 24th-30th 2022

Thank you all for making the 2022 LANH Annual Meeting a Success

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TNI 2016 Standard REMINDER The laboratory shall have a written procedure addressing removal and replacement of calibration standards. The procedure shall comply with the following requirements:

i. The laboratory may remove individual analyte calibration levels from the lowest and/or highest levels of the curve. Multiple levels may be removed, but removal of interior levels is not permitted.

ii. The laboratory may remove an entire single standard calibration level from the interior of the calibration curve when the instrument response demonstrates that the standard was not properly introduced to the instrument, or an incorrect standard was analyzed. A laboratory that chooses to remove a calibration standard from the interior of the calibration shall remove that particular standard calibration level for all analytes. Removal of calibration points from the interior of the curve is not to be used to compensate for lack of maintenance or repair to the instrument.
The LANH Welcomes all of New England and Beyond!

The Laboratory Association of New Hampshire is a powerful networking tool for laboratories and industry professionals throughout New England. We offer the opportunity for like-minded individuals to interact and discuss issues that are important to all of us in the environmental field. The Association also works closely with select vendors  to help members save on rising costs such as consumables and PT samples.

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