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Laboratory Association of New Hampshire Mission Statement

Providing professional development through educational opportunities, seminars, presentations and the distribution of information to its members

Creating a platform for communication among laboratories, regulatory agencies, professional organizations and related businesses

Encouraging quality, accuracy and ethical practices from its members

Protecting the interests of the environmental laboratory community while still working together with regulatory agencies and Accreditation Bodies to achieve a common goal.

A message from Governor Chris Sununu regarding Laboratory Professionals Week April 24th-30th 2022

If anyone would like to suggest a topic for discussion please click below.

Our next LANH meeting is being planned for December. Please check back for updates.


Please take the time as Lab Professionals to be familiar with the 2016 TNI Standard. as well as the NH ENV-C Rules. Even just read a little each day. You will be doing yourself and your Laboratory an invaluable service. Those of you certified in Massachusetts should be familiar with 310CMR.
October 2023 TNI 2016 TIP OF THE MONTH!

4.3.3 Document Changes Changes to documents shall be reviewed and approved by the same function that performed the original review unless specifically designated otherwise. The designated personnel shall have access to pertinent background information upon which to base their review and approval. Where practicable, the altered or new text shall be identified in the document or the appropriate attachments. If the laboratory's document control system allows for the amendment of documents by hand pending the re-issue of the documents, the procedures and authorities for such amendments shall be defined. Amendments shall be clearly marked, initialed and dated. A revised document shall be formally re-issued as soon as practicable. Procedures shall be established tow changes in documents maintained in computerized systems are made and controlled
The LANH Welcomes all of New England and Beyond!

The Laboratory Association of New Hampshire is a powerful networking tool for laboratories and industry professionals throughout New England. We offer the opportunity for like-minded individuals to interact and discuss issues that are important to all of us in the environmental field. The Association also works closely with select vendors  to help members save on rising costs such as consumables and PT samples.

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